Resilience in the War against Graft

Collective future of prosperity for all Kenyans relies on how Kenyans will sustain the vigor with which President Uhuru Kenyatta has pursued the war on graft. The President intensified the war against graft since the beginning of his second term by rallying a whole of government approach to slay the dragon of corruption. Anyone would agree that corruption has derailed Kenya’s progress towards economic prosperity for many years and that the President’s resolve on winning the war against graft is a shot in the arm for government agencies that are involved in investigation and prosecution of corruption cases in the country.

In last year’s Office of Public Prosecution consolidated report covering 2018, 2019 and 2020, the office indicated that corruption cases pending before the courts as at 30th June 2020 carried a monetary value of Kenya shillings (Kshs) 224 billion. The office through multiagency cooperation was also able to recover public assets that were stolen by unscrupulous politicians and businessmen. The office also successfully concluded cases involving kshs 3.9 billion between January 2018 and June 2020 with cases concluded with conviction accounting for 91.9% of the monetary value of concluded cases within the three years.

The snapshot of the monetary value of corruption related court cases as per the 2020 ODDP report indicates that with consistency and political goodwill, Kenya will slay the dragon of corruption. In the history of the republic of Kenya, President Uhuru Kenyatta remains a towering political leader in the fight against graft. Detractors against the president may contort all manner of accusations against the administration, but facts are stubborn. President Uhuru has created one of the most enabling environments for Kenya to fight corruption if the number of high profile cases of corruption before the courts is anything to go by. The president has also been instrumental in calling upon the citizenry to fight graft in their small capacities by reporting cases of graft to relevant government agencies.

Recently, the President called out political leaders to support the government’s socio-economic blue prints including the Big Four Agenda and the national unity and peace under the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI). The President has also reiterated the need for civility in politics, calling out on leaders who seem to be hell-bent on sowing discord among Kenyans. Most importantly, the President has restated that national leadership based on integrity is the only way Kenya shall realize its socioeconomic development dreams.

Kenyans should take the cue from the President especially leadership integrity. The atmosphere of political goodwill which has enabled the war on graft between 2018 and now is prerequisite even as the country gravitate gradually towards the 2022 general elections. National leadership integrity would remain core in the fight against corruption if Kenya is to realize it national development goals. Corruption remains one of single most important development challenges in Kenya. As a consequence, Kenyans need to remains unwavering in their support to the government as it wages the war on corruption. 

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