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Kenya takes over UN Security Council presidency for October

Kenya will preside over the affairs of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) as the country takes up the rotational Presidency of the Council for the month of October.

While making the announcement, President Uhuru Kenyatta said that during Kenya’s presidency, the country will help in addressing the intractable challenges to peace, security and development that face the globe today.

The Head of State in his speech, re-affirmed that Kenya’s contribution to the Security Council will continue to be anchored in an enduring hope and firm belief that together “we can create a better world”.

“I look forward to joining with other leaders at the security council in addressing the intractable challenges to peace, security and development that the world faces today.” Said President Kenyatta.

Adding that: “I also look forward to negotiating multilateral positions that will secure peace for our region, continent, and the world.”

He noted that Kenya shall remain a safe pair of hands for Africa.

Kenya joined UNSC nine months ago.

In a statement last week, President Kenyatta outlined some of the key discussions during the events which include how illicit small arms and light weapons impact peacekeeping operations as well as how to better support and promote women peacekeepers and peace builders.

Matters diversity will also be part of his agenda, a core aim in promoting state building and the pursuit of peace.

Kenya’s Presidency of the UN Security Council will be taking place at a critical juncture in the international arena when there is unequal trade and investment patterns, the outflows of illicit finance and inflows of illicit small arms and light weapons, the extraction versus production mentality, are all escalating global inequality, fragility, conflict and violence.

According to President Kenyatta, many of the tools at our disposal to deal with these challenges are not living up to their promise. “One such core tool is the United Nations Security Council in which Kenya has been an elected an active member since the beginning of the year.”

“In many countries, we are witnessing state fragility that leads to protracted crises. This fragility is, driven mainly by inability of countries to manage diversity within nations, thus offering militant and terrorist groups opportunities to create social discontent and control large territories within affected countries,” noted President Kenyatta.

Adding that: “The tools to deal with these crises are not proving adequate; so we must work to improve their capabilities. The most important task we can undertake is to increase the competence of states to manage both political and social diversity within their nation states.”


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