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Speaker Muturi promises to bring back Kibaki-era economic policies

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi is promising to revive Kibaki era policies that stirred the country’s economic growth if elected President.

Muturi says Kenya’s best economic potential was on show during former President Mwai Kibaki’s administration citing sound policies that allowed businesses and investments to thrive.

He indicated that, in the first year of Kibaki’s reign, tax collection doubled while local and international business reached a level not witnessed in Kenya before.

“I will start by achieving optimum tax collection levels and curbing wastage of public resources. This is the first step to return our economy on track,” Muturi said.

But that’s not all, as he promised to “tame wastage which is rampant. Over Kshs.400 billion is lost through procurement deals, over Kshs.300 billion is lost through tax scams, we must bring this to an end.”

Muturi who was addressing a gathering of businesspeople from Nyeri County said he will adopt guiding principles such as the now-abandoned policy to stop local borrowing by the government. He noted that this will unlock the local business environment.

“This left the banks with no option but to offer cheap, unsecured loans and other services to business people and ordinary Kenyans. I will revive such a policy immediately after I am elected.” He said

Muturi said he would also remove government controls in many sectors to offer a conducive environment to do business in Kenya.

He urged the timber sector business community to draw a petition addressed to Parliament seeking to dismantle some of the stringent restrictions that have brought local saw millers to their knees while opening the local market to imported timber.

He said he would also go for reviving the cash crop and local agricultural sectors which he noted have been subjected to many hurdles stifling their growth.

“Our coffee, tea, horticulture, dairy, and other agricultural sectors are struggling instead of thriving. We must return this nation to its full economic potential,” said Muturi.


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