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Mudavadi: My promise within first 100 days as President

If he wins the 2022 presidential election, Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi will within the first 100 days in office ensure every Kenyan is vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

In an elaborate plan to re-build the economy once he takes over the presidency, Mudavadi will avail enough Covid-19 vaccine doses to ensure that Kenyans attain herd immunity.

Also, within the first 100 days, the Mudavadi administration will enact laws to promote social welfare that is sufficient to support and stimulate rapid economic recovery.

These are part of the raft of measures the Amani leader plans to enforce during the early days of his administration.

Noting that the economy has been severely affected by the Covid pandemic, with many people losing their source of income and businesses closing down, Mudavadi also plans to offer financial incentives for the recovery and growth of small and medium enterprises.

“My economic agenda within the first 100 days in office will focus on reviewing, revamping, diversifying, and redirecting investments that restructure the economic growth of our nation,” says Mudavadi in his economic blueprint.

For the senior citizens, the Mudavadi government will be a beacon of hope and encouragement. In his agenda for the elderly and most vulnerable members of the society, his administration will increase their monthly stipend by 20 percent within the 100 days in office.

Currently, the Jubilee administration is offering the senior and vulnerable citizens a monthly stipend of Ksh 2,000 money which the ANC government will increase by Ksh 400.

Under the Uchumi Bora, Pesa Mfukoni clarion call, the Mudavadi government will restrict borrowing through scaling down of non-priority projects, sealing corruption loopholes, and closing of government spending leakages.

“Corruption has been and continues to be the most undoing factor of our economic development and to achieve all our goals, my priority will be to seal all corruption holes and fund the Judiciary and other arms of government that fight corruption well,” he is quoted in his economic agenda blueprint.

In an effort to unlock the economy, Mudavadi will devote more resources to support the traditional sectors that have sustained the economic well-being and growth of the country over the years.

This, he says will include enhancing the agriculture production and marketing to ensure food security, increase access to water for both household use and irrigation, expand the manufacturing base by reducing the cost of energy in doing business and support the micro, small and medium enterprises for job creation.

“To achieve this agenda, the ANC government will enhance support to sector-specific infrastructure for economic recovery within the shortest time possible. This will include ensuring anti-corruption agencies and laws are functional so as to seal financial leakages and theft in public procurement in addition to enforcing transparency and accountability by public sectors,” states Mudavadi in his economic document.

With these measures in place, Mudavadi says new businesses will open and closed ones will re-open.

“You should not be lied to that economic recovery is a touch and go event. Recovery is going to be painful in the short term but rewarding in the long term,” says the document.

Mudavadi notes that for the economy to be back on track, he will within the early days of his administration call for the restructuring of the public debt with an emphasis on external borrowing, which he says is cheaper than domestic debt.

In addition, he will undertake to deepen the capital markets to lengthen the period of paying the debts and cut the trade deficit in order to reduce the vulnerability of the exchange rate to external shocks.


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