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MOH opens up Covid-19 vaccination to Kenyans above 18 years

The Ministry of Health has opened up Covid-19 vaccinations to all people aged 18 years and above due to the sufficient doses in the country.

Initially, the focus was on the healthcare workers, teachers, security officers, those people aged 58 years and above as well as those with preexisting medical conditions.

The ministry later expanded the vaccination program to include people aged 50 years and above based on the fact that the majority of deaths due to Covid-19 were being recorded in this age group.

Similarly, the net was widened to include those with 18 years but at risk of severe diseases such as those with comorbid conditions.

Health CS Kagwe said that National Government Administration Officers across the country should participate in social mobilization of people both in the urban and rural areas for them to turn out for vaccination.

“I am appealing to all eligible persons above 18 years of age in the country to turn out at our vaccination sites and get vaccinated. Vaccination remains one of the surest ways to protect our loved ones from this deadly virus which as you all know has caused untold suffering amongst many of our people,” said Kagwe.

Ministry of Health had set out the weekday target of 80,000 daily vaccinations by end of September and projected the numbers to have gone up to 150,000 by end of December.

However, the current daily vaccinations stand at between 60,000 and 70,000.

To date, 8.9 million vaccines have been received in the country and 5.6 million administered across the country. The proportion of the adult population now fully vaccinated stands at 6.7 percent.

So far, five vaccines have been deployed into the country. They include AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Sinopharm, Moderna, and Pfizer.

The ministry targets to reach at least 10 million by end of December and the entire adult population of 26 million by end of 2022.

Source: KNA

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