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Opiyo Wandayi, MP Ugunja: ‘President Kenyatta knows something about Ruto that we don’t’

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi now says there is a ‘deeper motive’ to why President Uhuru Kenyatta does not want to endorse his Deputy William Ruto as Kenya’s next President.
He claims that of all the leaders who have served in the Jubilee government’s 10-year tenure, the President is most familiar to DP Ruto and he has his reasons for the fallout between them.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s Daybreak show on Wednesday, Wandayi said that soon President Kenyatta will ‘spill the beans’ to the public presumably following the convergence of Mt. Kenya leadership at Sagana State Lodge.

“For President Kenyatta to come to a determination that William Ruto is not fit to succeed him then there’s something he knows that we do not know and that is the source of the fear of the Tangatanga group,” he posed.

“…And that much that Uhuru knows about Ruto might start coming out in the open most likely from today in Sagana,” he added.

On his part, Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura who also appeared on the show downplayed Wandayi’s claims saying that the Sagana 3 meeting is just “propaganda” and is expecting nothing major from it.

“I don’t expect much from that honestly, and I don’t see if there’s anything that will be earthshaking. We have asked ourselves this question before (what happened between the President and his Deputy) and we only hear the DP went ahead of the President but that’s not the case,” said Mwaura.

The much anticipated Sagana 3 meeting which will be hosted by President Kenyatta is expected to outline the President’s reasons to support his handshake partner Raila Odinga and why he differed with William Ruto.

It will precede the Jubilee Party National Delegates Convention on Friday and Saturday, where key decisions are to be ratified, among them retaining Kenyatta as the party leader, even after the lapse of his tenure at State House, giving a green light for a coalition with ODM and other allied parties, as well as endorsing a series of amendments to the party’s constitution.


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