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Budget allocates Sh147bn for Big Four agenda

The Big Four Agenda is among the biggest gainers of the 2022/2023 budget that was unveiled Thursday afternoon.

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani proposed Ksh 146.8 billion to support implementation of the projects and programmes under the “Big Four” Agenda. 

The agenda focuses on four key pillars, namely, manufacturing, housing universal health and food security.

Universal Health Coverage

According to the budget, Universal Health Care (UHC) was the biggest gainer with an allocation of Ksh 62.3 billion to fund activities and programmes for the attainment of UHC. 

Specific allocations for various activities and programmes include:

  • Ksh 7.0 billion for purchase of COVID-19 vaccines and related expenditures
  • Ksh 4.1 billion for Free Maternity Health Care
  • Ksh 5.2 billion for the Managed Equipment Services as well as
  • Ksh 1.8 billion to provide medical cover for the elderly and severely disabled persons in the society. 

According to CS Yatani, the Government has implemented various initiatives laying ground for achieving the goal of 100 percent health insurance coverage.

Key among these initiatives include: the free maternity program dubbed “Linda Mama”, which currently benefits over one million mothers annually; increasing the total number of health workers in the public and private sector; investment in health infrastructure and development of a digital health platform to support effective monitoring of the health sector.

In addition, the Government enacted the NHIF Amendment Act which provides for the establishment of a centralised healthcare provider management system to ensure efficient management and payment of claims as well as data collection. 

Affordable housing

Implementation of the Affordable Housing Programme initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta got a boost after CS Yatani further proposed an allocation of Ksh 27.7 billion for the Affordable Housing Programme.

The proposed allocation includes: Ksh 4.6 billion to Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company for enhancement of the company’s capital as well as for on-lending to primary mortgage lenders; Ksh 8.7 billion for construction of Affordable Housing Units as well as Ksh 1.2 billion for construction of Social Housing Units. 


The manufacturing sector got an allocation of Ksh 10.1 billion under various implementing Ministries, Departments and Agencies to promote local industries.

Out of this, Ksh 1.0 billion will go to the Credit Guarantee Scheme to enhance access to affordable credit by Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in the manufacturing sector.

The other Ksh 626 million is for provision of finances to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises through the Kenya Industrial Estate.

The CS noted that, implementation of appropriate policies coupled with enhanced investments in the manufacturing sector has created a conducive business environment to support and protect local industries, generation of jobs and improved livelihoods.

Food and nutritional security

The government proposed an allocation of Ksh 46.7 billion  as measures and interventions to achieve food and nutritional security for all Kenyans.These measures include: supporting large scale production of staple food; expanding irrigationschemes; increasing access to agricultural inputs; and supporting small-holder farmers to sustainably produce and market various commodities.

  • Out of this, Ksh 4.2 billion will go to the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusivity Project
  • Ksh 1.7 billion for the Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme;
  • Ksh 1.9 billion has been proposed for the Emergency Locusts Response
  • Ksh 1.5 billion for the National Value Chain Support Programme
  • Ksh 1.1 billion for the Agricultural Sector Development Support Programme II
  • Ksh 1.5 billion for the Small Scale Irrigation and Value Addition Project
  • Ksh 690 million for Food Security and Crop Diversification Project.

Additionally, the government further set aside Ksh 2.7 billion for Fertilizer Subsidy to cushionfarmers during the short rains from October to December 2022.

This the CS noted is in addition to the Ksh 3 billion allocated in the FY 2021/22.

To improve livestock production Ksh 500 million was allocated for Free Disease HoldingGround in Lamu.

Further Ksh 1.7 billion was proposed for the Kenya Livestock Commercialization Programme; andKsh 121 million for Livestock Production under “Big Four” initiative. to promote sustainable utilization of the blue economy.

 An allocation of Ksh 1.9 billion was proposed for the Aquaculture Business Development Project, Ksh 2.8 billion for Kenya Marine Fisheries & Socio-Economic Development Project.

Additionally, Ksh 1.3 billion was allocated for Exploitation of Living Resources under the Blue Economy, Ksh 1.0 billion for construction of Fish Processing Plant in Lamu and Ksh 270.0 million for Coastal Fisheries Infrastructure Development.

Similarly, Ksh 210 million for rehabilitation of Fish Landing Sites in Lake Victoria, Ksh 204.0 million for Aquaculture Technology Development and Innovation Transfers and Ksh 126.3 million for the development of the Blue Economy initiatives.


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