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Stay at home if you have flu like symptoms – MoH

The Ministry of Health has advised Kenyans on measures they should take to avoid being infected by the widespread flu that has largely been witnessed among Nairobi residents.

The ministry on Monday noted that the country is entering into the cold season with an expected increase in the number of cases of respiratory diseases during this period.

The flu exhibits a plethora of symptoms ranging from a runny nose to sore throat and aching joints.

Kenya normally records two flu seasons with the first season starting from March and lasts until May, while the second starts from July and lasts through to October/November.

“If you have flu-like symptoms please stay at home, don’t go to work and expose other people because flu/ common cold, covid like other respiratory tract infections are highly transmissible,” Ag Health DG Patrick Amoth said.

He further gave more ways one can prevent themselves from being infected by the flu.

“You have to keep warm and dress warmly to avoid triggering flu-like situations, avoid crowded places and gatherings, keep hydrated and keep plenty amounts of fluids, exercise regularly, maintain hand and body hygiene,” advised Dr. Amoth.

Speaking at the same address, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe announced that the government has reinstated the mandatory wearing of face masks in indoor settings as a containment measure to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

He said members of the public will now be required to wear face masks in confined places such as PSVs, aircraft, offices, supermarkets and places of worship.

Flu vaccines are available at between Sh1,000 and Sh2,000 but they are largely not available in public hospitals.

Experts in the past have advised that children under five years and adults above 65 should get vaccinated against flu, adding that these, alongside people with weakened immunity, suffer the most when they catch the influenza virus.

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