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Quack Doctor Mugo Wairimu sentenced to 29 years in prison

Quack doctor James Mugo Ndichu, alias Mugo wa Wairimu, has been sentenced to 29 years and six months by a Magistrate Court in Milimani for drugging patients to sexually assault them and running an illegal clinic.

Magistrate Wendy Muchemi said Mugo is a danger to society, hence should be kept away for a long time.

“He abused the knowledge he acquired on medical and health science to harm hapless women,” the magistrate said.

Prestige Hospital, the clinic he was running alongside a pharmacy, was found to be illegal and not registered.

One witness in the case told the court that Wairimu gave drugs to one of his patients, who then became unconscious and when she woke up, she found herself with no pants.

Not even Mugo’s mitigation that his parents are elderly and that he has a wife and a daughter could move the court to hand him a lenient sentence.

“I have elderly parents who are over 80 years old and went without meals to make sure that their son has a secure future. Seeing their son on TV every day is traumatizing to them. They have not known peace because I’ve been in custody,” he added. 

The ‘Fake’Doctor has been in custody for four years. 

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