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Karua faults Ruto, says a DP must be loyal and a team player

Azimio One Kenya Presidential Runningmate Martha Karua has faulted Deputy President William Ruto for disrespecting the president, saying he is not a team player.

In an apparent reference to the frosty relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Ruto, Karua said an ideal government is not one where leaders agree on everything but one where respect remains constant no matter the differences.

“I am saying that we should remember that a country can only have one president, not a co-president. My role as deputy will therefore be his Principal Assistant because once you accept to be a deputy then you have accepted the role to deputize,” Karua said.

“If you feel you cannot deputize then go for the real thing.”

President Kenyatta and DP Ruto have had a broken relationship since he shook hands with his erstwhile political foe cum ally Raila Odinga following the 2017 general elections that led to sporadic chaos across the country.

DP Ruto has been critical of the performance of the Jubilee administration of which he has been part of even after parting ways with President Kenyatta.

Their differences are so apparent that they attack each other publicly forcing religious leaders to call for their reconciliation.

On Saturday, President Kenyatta said Ruto had no moral authority to lecture the government on perceived failures.

President Kenyatta said instead of persistent attacks, Ruto should explain to Kenyans why he did not deliver on the promises he is now giving Kenyans as contained in his manifesto.’

“And that is I am always surprised when I see others, kila siku ng’we ng’we ng’we,” Kenyatta said in an apparent reference to his Deputy Ruto who is among four presidential candidates seeking to succeed him after the August 9 elections.

“Someone who has been given a task to serve the country, instead of performing his role, he is just busy making noise here and there,” he said.

He said the DP has been criticizing the government and giving Kenyans empty promises on what he intends to do if he wins the August.

Karua spoke while meeting with over two hundred teachers from across the 47 counties whom she called to vote for the Azimio One Kenya Presidential Candidate Raila Odinga and ensure they win in an election that will not be contested.

“We are people who work and that is the part I and my principal are so much alike. I am urging you to help the nation to make wise choices looking at the relevant qualities and I am sure that the conclusion will be nothing else but Azimio. Lastly, we do not just want to win but we want to do so overwhelmingly that it is uncontested,” Karua said.


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