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Renowned Conflict Resolution Expert Writes Open Letter to DP Ruto

Dear HE Presidential Candidate William Ruto



Allow me to engage you on a number of issues that have drawn my attention as an elder in the Greater Luhya community across the region. The current spats on your Western Kenya campaign trail demeans the culture and customs of the Luhya community in General

Your Excellency the DP of the Republic of Kenya, your juvenile and trivial epithets and barbs against CS Eugene Wamalwa have clearly exposed you as a fickle, frail-hearted, flimsy man with a simmering temper that cannot take any kind of criticism.

Again the incident in Vihiga today exposes the temperamental traits that do not befit a national leader. Even as you continue to hide behind non-existent Bible verses, your unabated emotional outbursts reveal your true heinous character.

Mr.Deputy President your divisive, misogynistic, inciting hustler rhetoric has deepened an already stark political divide in the country- not showing that you are not a molder of consensus, you create and fuel divisiveness amongst tribes. You have catapulted yourself out as a merchant of violence, petty politicking and name-calling on others.

Mr.Deputy President as candidates traverse the Country drumming up support for their August bids, there is no better time for Kenya to take stock, contemplate what constitutes a good leader, evaluate whether the current Deputy President embodies that definition and determine who among the candidates exemplifies it.

Mr.Deputy President one can not help but notice that any time a leadership expert or scholar discusses the characteristics and habits of a good leader in any capacity, it brings the shortcomings of the current Deputy President into stark relief.

To be honest and brutal you have turned into a rogue Deputy, who in his vanities has chosen to compete with his boss in order to trash his legacy which use to gain popularity in certain regions of Kenya.

Your Excellency Kenya does not have a Khorloogiin Choibalsan or a Pol Pot, who in his delusions of grandeur expects everyone to play to his tune. You do not have the temperament, stature and charisma to be a President of Kenya.

In conclusion sir , the Greater Luhya community of which I am among the elders and a member will not make a mistake to vote for a leader who insults and threatens the citizens.

Mr.Deputy President as I end, let me remind you that I personally struggled as an activist in the Netherlands ICC court from 2008-2016 to free you when I did not even know you. I did it because I felt I had an obligation as an African elder.

Lastly, I must say peace is paramount. A disaster Kenyans must avoid in the future is violence. The truth since you have accepted that you served 10 years then if you had integrity you should not be anywhere near power.

Mr. Deputy President, you have SUNK TOO LOW as a leader and you have remained toxic and pettifogging. That’s the hard truth, take it or leave it. I believe CS Wamalwa and others in Kenya deserve a right to belong to Kenya.

Author: Dr. David Mazi Matsanga (The Legacy Trend Founder)

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