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IEBC chair and CEO do not inspire any confidence~Dr Matsanga

For the last 4 years, I have been warning Kenyans about the Wafula Chebukati and the IEBC. I might be the only stranger in Jerusalem but judging from the interview they gave to the journalists, things are not well. It is my right as an independent-minded observer to say what my opinion is.

With the perturbing ineptitude, sloppiness and designed ignorance showcased by IEBC’s top brass at the interview, Kenyans have nothing but to weep for the lost money in the preparation of a bad election. There will be no violence but the taxpayer will lose billions because the Election will not stand the test of Judiciary in Kenya.

The current IEBC Chairman and CEO are just a ramshackle, a rickety mangled wreck ready to collapse and wreak havoc. The new commissioners might be good but the three Commissioners are not good for Election in Kenya. The truth is that IEBC has become a shadow of its former self.

The admission that they could. have HIRED an electronic firm that is beleaguered with a gargantuan avalanche of accusations on bungling Elections in the Philippines, Uganda and South America is flabbergasting if not heartrending.

It exposes the mediocre, phony penny-ante mindset of Wafula Chebukati and his team. This can never be by default, but by design.

Forget even about the subterfuge that Chebukati has been peddling that the Commission is united, it’s a farfetched notion to tweak public perception and hoodwink Kenyans. It is riddled with pitfalls of insanity.

The commission is divided, confused and disintegrated as the remnants of the tower of Babel after its collapse.

From the interview with journalists, it was quite clear that Marjan Hussein Marjan and Wafula Chebukati could not be reading from the same script.

Other than exposing the fraud IEBC has become, the interview was a sheer waste of time. Wafula Chebukati kept blubbering, biting his tongue, circumventing and swallowing his own words on every question that was catapulted, he had no clear answers.

Then you want to tell me that IEBC is ready for this Election? No way! It’s all but a lame duck coterie, which if not reprimanded, will most definitely stifle the Country on the 9th of August. I might be alone in seeing this and I am not Kenyan but I have observed elections in 52 countries.

IEBC’s story reads like one of the infamous William Shakespeare’s tragedy plays, it’s a lost case with no glimmer of hope. There’s only one possibility to this pandemonium at the IEBC, it’s either it’s too infiltrated until it lost its salt, or Wafula Chebukati is unrepentant muppet acting on someone’s behest.

Truth be told, no matter how hard it might hit. IEBC seems to be hiding the obvious, the ominous cloud of suspicion hovering around them only deepens the clamor surrounding their capabilities.

Just by virtue of the interview with 6 journalists a few days ago, you could tell they were acting with the discomfort of miscreants who had been brought to speed of the tally of their misdeeds. Something is definitely not right, IEBC is paying lip service on its preparedness.

If I would toss my two-penny opinion on the final appraisal of the interview, it opened more cans of worms than it would have settled doubt and anxiety apprehension, it left many viewers perplexed than reassured. You can give them the benefit of doubt, but time will tell.

Author: Dr. Matsanga David (Founder/ Chairman Pan African Forum Ltd)

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