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Why William Ruto’s tears are a ridicule~ Dr Matsanga

When we warned William Ruto against taking on his boss and said it would end in premium tears, we couldn’t fathom it would be earlier than expected. More tears are yet to come, someone should get him a good handkerchief.

A week to 9th Of August and the vicissitudes of life and the frustrations of fast fading ambition turning into a mirage have moved William Ruto to tears. He’s confused and terrified of his fate, what good riddance to an arrogant braggart!

He cannot believe how he would miss the gravy train and the golden chance to loot, plunder and racketeer the country with avaricious impunity had he become President. It must be painful, that the bone has literally been removed from his mouth.

At one point, William Ruto and his camarilla moved around the country claiming how President Uhuru Kenyatta only had one vote and therefore should finish and go! Flabbergasting it is, how the one vote is making Ruto weep like a mongrel.

The die is already cast, there will be no escape route from the downfall of his fictitious tower of clay, the hustler tower of lies is bound to collapse with a resounding thud! For that is the fate of mobsters and mafiosos coined in lies, deceit and conniving.

William Ruto’s fate is sealed and his goose ready to be served by next Week Tuesday, not even the crocodile tears will save him.

Deputy President William Ruto breaks into tears during prayer meeting

If they could do, then Yebei, Kenei and Kiambaa families would cry a river for their kin. Otherwise, it’s normal sometimes for one to cry when haunted by their own gruesome past.

There will be no sympathy votes for killers, thieves and merchants of impunity. Everyone should carry their own cross, let tears not hoodwink Kenyans.

If anything is to go by, Ruto’s tears are a ridicule to the real victims of his brutality and terror. He cried in Karen by morning but in the afternoon he was in Nyeri hurling insults, sheer sanctimony!

Author: Dr. Matsanga David (Founder/ Chairman Pan African Forum LTD)

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