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The Election cycle is gone; it’s time for redemption and rebuilding

I want to take this opportunity to thank President William Ruto for thinking of a Redemption strategy in his speech and about African peace.

When I wrote on my wall much earlier yesterday at about 4 am, I did not know that he was thinking about the same.

I had a NIGHT vision in which I saw Africa bleeding and saw the need for peace.

So yesterday’s fete undoubtedly marked the end of a grueling Political Season that left Kenya divided right in the middle, with 7 Million celebrating while the other 6.9 Million hang their heads below their shoulders. A half happy and half sad Country.

This hard reality should forge a compulsion strong enough for the Country to re-embark on the path of redemption and healing. Kenyans have to be cognizant that no individual won nor lost, but Kenya. Henceforth, there will be no one economy for the 7Million and another for the 6.9 Million.

If the economy flourishes under the new government, all Kenyans will enjoy prosperity. If it flounders and perils, the brunt will be felt by all and sundry. What’s my point? The political season is now behind us, now all that remains is nation building.

Today it’s my clarion call to you brethren, that you may extend an olive branch to one another. It was a viciously bruising campaign, if you hurt someone please ask for forgiveness, if you were hurt in one way or another, it’s time to let bygones be bygones. Elections come and go, you will overcome.

To the leaders who were elected across board, it’s good to treat people with magnanimity and subtlety, someone might be hurting internally. Make sure you gather all and scatter none.

In the words of Wole Soyinka, “Those who lose in war should not be stripped of their dignity”. Let’s be a brother’s keeper. Play like Liverpool club, no enemies, no hate, but friendship


Author: Dr. Matsanga David (Founder/Chairperson Pan African Forum Ltd)

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