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War in Europe is a catastrophe for Africa

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has now taken a higher notch with Russia going to ANNEX some territory of Ukraine within a few hours to come . This will lead to a wave of destruction and atrocities against its masses in both countries.

The war is far from Africa but there are huge ramifications that we nust be prepared for .The implications are being felt far and wide, the conflict has weighed down on many world Economies.

But the suffering and instability are not felt only in Europe. Indeed, a continent away, Putin’s war has wrecked a “three-headed hydra” of food, energy and finance shortages in Africa, further threatening vulnerable Africans and putting dozens of countries at risk of default.

The Food & fuel Crisis in Africa is due to the war. It is a ‘Catastrophe on top of the already existing Catastrophe on the continent. The drought in the Horn Of Africa which has left roughly 16 million hungry across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya, is indeed a crisis that adds more salt to the injury.

Africa only remains with only one viable option, to buy grain from Russia and Ukraine whatsoever. But at the same time, the United States is warning several starving African countries that Russia is attempting to sell them wheat stolen from Ukraine.

Africa is bogged into this quagmire. Africa has become the human shield of this war. Why should we be the human shied of the wars that are not ours?

Even as a common soothing narrative continue to be propelled that no country will be immune from the global food crisis, the inadmissible reality is that they will hit the hardest in sub-Saharan Africa, where food consumes 40 percent of household budgets.

With Russia’s war with Ukraine and its unrelenting human toll showing no sign of ending, it’s only prudent that the prospect of ballooning bills across Africa should be used as a basis for suspensions and debt relief from the rich nations of the West.

As the time ticks for a protected struggle with ANNEXATION of the territories Africa must think fast and act fast to stop violent demonstrations acrossour cities.

Otherwise, the economic suffering will increase, and the food shortages will become a political and humanitarian stress on Africa.

I tell my African people that even if the war ended today, the world will be feeling the impact of dislocations in energy and commodities markets for years to come.

It might culminate into another major crisis for African coubtries , let’s think outside the box before it’s too late.

Author: Dr. Matsanga David (The writer of Global Trends is a Political Scientist & Conflict Resolution, Investigative journalist based in London Surrey)

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