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NPS embraces technology to enhance efficiency in service delivery

The National Police Service continues to embrace technology in enhancing efficiency and ease of access to police services.

According to NPS, the Police Electronic Crash System (eCrash) piloted between 2019-2021 recorded a total of 17,000 locations of accidents within Nairobi County.

“The data has greatly improved road safety, planning, monitoring and response by our Traffic Department and other road safety stakeholders,” NPS says.

The eCrash, a project developed in partnership with the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) department at the World Bank, the European Union and funded by the African Development Bank, is a digital platform that registers real-time accident data including location, time, cause and severity of the crash.

It also captures the type, and number of road users involved, injuries and death registered, and the health facility accident victims are transferred for emergency care. The system has interfaces with agencies including the NTSA, KENHA, KERA, and Ministry of Health among others onboard.

NPS says the integrated system is a component of a larger project called smart and Safe Kenyan Transport (SmarTTrans) A traffic police officer attending to an accident scene will command the system to auto-generate NPS official accident reports by feeding data into a dashboard with realtime maps, tables and figures.

The pilot system has since been fed into a new National Road Crash System financed by the African Development Bank and the European Union.


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